AO Reminder

AO Reminder

Free-to-use tool to remind you about all your events and tasks

In the current fast-forward life is not easy to keep every schedule in your mind, there is a need of some automated tool to give you a hint of all things you are doing in the week/day or even during a longer period. AO Reminder 2.2 is a tool which has features to support many types of scheduling tasks in one go. With AO Reminder 2.2 one just need to set their events in the tool and it will remind of the task just in time or before the time of the event. AO Reminder 2.2 also has a feature to manage the fonts and colors of various event types. AO Reminder 2.2 might look trendy but it is available completely free and also has good support available. AO Reminder 2.2 also has a built-in calendar for users to view the recent months and days. AO Reminder 2.2 has a summary screen which shows the details of events in just one click. The features named Try the alert and Duplicate facility of AO Reminder 2.2 makes the tool unique from other similar tools. While AO Reminder 2.2 is available for most of the Windows operating systems, it does not have support for Linux OS.

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  • Free to use
  • Sound reminder
  • Alert Test Available
  • Calendar Available


  • Not for Mac machines
  • Delete works even without selecting event
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